Shaping Future Leaders in Safety: The Power of Apprenticeships

The Power of Apprenticeships in Safety
When it comes to entering the world of workplace safety, apprenticeships provide an unparalleled platform. These immersive programs offer a blend of hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and professional development. It's an opportunity for young people to kickstart their careers while making meaningful contributions to safety across diverse industries.

Navigating the complex and dynamic safety supplies industry is no small feat. Through apprenticeships, young professionals are exposed to the intricacies of this field, nurturing their skills while introducing them to real-world challenges. Apprentices are engaged in problem-solving, develop communication skills, and gain insights into customer needs and market trends.

Apprenticeships, therefore, don't just prepare young minds for a job. They lay the groundwork for a lifelong career, equipping apprentices with the practical skills and industry knowledge they need to become informed, proactive safety leaders.

At Simon Safety, we recognise and embrace the transformative power of apprenticeships. We believe in nurturing talent from the grassroots, which is why we offer apprenticeship opportunities designed to cultivate well-rounded, knowledgeable, and effective safety professionals. This commitment is reflected in the story of Carys, a member of our team who began her journey with us as an apprentice.

Carys's Journey - From Apprentice to Leader at Simon Safety
Carys's story stands as a powerful testament to the potential of apprenticeships in shaping future leaders in the safety industry. Starting her journey with us at the tender age of 16, Carys embarked on her career via a Business Administration apprenticeship, in partnership with Pembrokeshire College.

During her apprenticeship, Carys was not required to attend college full-time but underwent assessment within the workplace. This direct exposure to the industry allowed her to develop her abilities and understanding in real-time, giving her the foundation she needed to excel in the safety supply space.

Working closely with different departments here at Simon Safety, Carys gained invaluable insights into the inner workings of the industry. The diverse roles and responsibilities she encountered helped her to develop a holistic understanding of the safety business - an understanding that would prove invaluable in her future role.

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A year after her apprenticeship ended, we were thrilled to offer Carys full-time employment as a Sales and Customer Service Executive. Three years later, she stepped into the shoes of the Sales and Customer Service Supervisor. It's a role she takes immense pride in, and so do we.

Carys's experience is not unique. It's a journey that countless other young professionals can embark on through apprenticeships in the safety sector.

Apprenticeships at Simon Safety: Your Path to an Impactful Career

We are excited to announce two apprenticeship opportunities available at our Neyland Headquarters: one in Business Administration / Product Sales, and the other in Digital Sales and Marketing.

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These apprenticeship programs are designed to provide well-rounded exposure to our business operations, where you'll get to learn and grow in various departments such as purchasing, accounts, sales and customer service, and our corporate branding department. All of this, without any requirement of cold calling.

We’re seeking young individuals with good communication skills, a positive attitude, and a knack for tackling challenges head-on. Ideally, you will have achieved one of the following since leaving school: Business Level 3, Information Technology Level 1, Creative Media Level 3, or Graphic Design Level 3.

As an apprentice at Simon Safety, you’ll follow a Monday to Friday work schedule, 8 am to 5 pm, with a starting salary of £7.49 per hour, amounting to £16,552.90 per annum.

Just as we backed Carys in her ambitions to further her career and knowledge, we're committed to backing you too. Our team at Simon Safety will be with you every step of the way, offering you the support and resources you need to grow in your chosen career path.

If you're looking to earn money, further your education, and gain valuable work experience straight out of school, then an apprenticeship at Simon Safety might just be the opportunity you've been looking for.

Interested in starting your safety industry journey with Simon Safety? Reach out to us at or call us at 01646 603018.

Simon Safety: More Than Just a Workplace
At Simon Safety, we don’t just talk about our commitment to our team – we act upon it. This commitment extends beyond professional growth and into personal well-being,. We are proud to have made two pledges that show our dedication to our team's health.

Firstly, we have signed the JG HR Pledge, a commitment to provide paid time off for our team members to attend routine breast screenings. Breast cancer affects tens of thousands of people every year, and we are proud to contribute towards early detection and treatment by making it easier for our staff to attend their screenings.

In addition, we're standing with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust through their 'Time to Test' campaign. We believe that prioritizing health should never be an inconvenience. That’s why we provide paid time off for our team members to attend routine cervical screenings. These initiatives empower our employees, promoting early detection, and fostering a work environment that truly cares.

Our pledge certificates are proudly displayed in our canteen, serving as daily reminders of these vital commitments. We encourage our team members to take advantage of their invitation to local screenings - Simon Safety will support you every step of the way.

At Simon Safety, your safety – in and out of the workplace – is our priority. We are passionate about fostering a work environment that truly cares and does more than just the minimum. This is why we are more than just a workplace - we are a community committed to each other's well-being.

Looking Ahead - Safety, Community, and Growth at Simon Safety
As we look ahead, we are excited to welcome the next generation of safety leaders to our team. Our apprenticeship opportunities offer the chance for young individuals to learn, grow, and build a successful career in the safety industry, without needing to leave Pembrokeshire.

Finally, we are grateful for the community that supports us, the team that makes us, and the customers who trust us. As we continue to evolve and innovate in the safety sector, we are committed to being a positive force for our employees, our customers, and our community.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to sharing more insights, stories, and opportunities with you in future editions of 'The Safety Circle'.

Stay safe, and remember, at Simon Safety, your safety is always our priority.